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News January 2022

I changed my internet connection and am now up to date again. After some confusion, I managed to get stable, fast internet access. I also had to set up my internet server again because a suitable kernel was not available for the switch from OpenVPN to Wireguard.

OpenVPN to Wireguard Migration

OpenVPN is a reliable and good tool to run a VPN. However, the performance leaves something to be desired. Wireguard is advertised as a simple and much more powerful tool, which made me just try it out.
With OpenVPN I was able to achieve approx. 35Mbit/s, a Wireguard VPN achieves an impressive 90Mbit according to my measurements. The internet connection of my server is 100Mbit/s, so I reach about 90% of the capacity. As always with VPNs, the configuration is not very simple and requires training. As a result of my efforts, you can find here a small script that performs a simple configuration for home users.

Migration from Owncloud to Nextcloud

Owncloud is a reasonable solution to sync files across multiple devices. However, the release strategy is a bit slow and new features are often a long time coming. So I decided to switch from owncloud to nextcloud.
The migration tools worked well and I now have a Nextcloud installation that meets my needs. As with Owncloud, it takes a little effort and imagination to handle all the warnings.

Moving from Debian 10 (Buster) to 11 (Bullseye)

Both my server on the internet and my home Raspberry Pi had to be upgraded from Debian (Raspbian) 10 to version 11. The server move on the Internet as part of the Wireguard migration required a new installation anyway, since the method of virtualization left no other way open.
After I managed to do this without much effort, I decided to update the Raspberry Pi by reinstalling it as well. Instead of Raspbian, I now use the new „Raspberry Pi OS“, which corresponds to Debian 11.

Raspberry Pi Activities

As well as reinstalling, I searched, found and implemented a reasonable fuse for the Pi. In addition to an image backup that can be ported to another SD card, there is a file backup using „rsnapshot“ that is updated daily. An image is created weekly.


Conversion of my homepage

In the new releases of Dokuwiki, the effort to run a homepage and a wiki is no longer worthwhile. So I will completely integrate my current homepage into the Dokuwiki. I have already chosen the design, as you can see 8-)

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