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News February 2022

The conversion of the homepage begins. I created a development environment using XAMPP.

And already there are problems

My Nextcloud runs with PHP 8.0, but Dokuwiki does not yet support this PHP version. However, the Apache web server can only support one PHP version (without further intervention).
A bit of research on the internet, however, brought me to the conclusion that I can work around this relatively easily. The keyword is

SetHandler "proxy:unix:/run/php/php7.4-fpm.sock|fcgi://localhost"

This statement within a „Directory“ entry solves the problem. If you want to know more details, take a look at here or also here.

Raspberry Pi is overwhelmed

The many activities probably overwhelmed the Pi at times. Data migration from Owncloud to Nextcloud, backup and migration of the homepage as parallel activities led to overheating. I solved the problem by adding a small heat pipe and removing the top panel.
Further analysis showed that my idea of ​​relocating as many I/O operations as possible to an SSD connected to the Pi has achieved the goal, but also has side effects. The USB port heats up the interior of the PI (which I have in a case) excessively.

I have adapted the GreenSteel template

I didn't really like the original design (Dokuwiki) or the alternative Greensteel. That's fine for a wiki, but a homepage should be „nicer“. So I adapted the template and published it on GitLab. After a short review of the adjustments, I came to the conclusion to create a completely own template based on the starter template. These activities are now complete.


Update Wiki

  • 2022.02.14 - The busy part of the endeavor to update the home page again begins. Content needs to be adjusted and new ones added
  • 2022.02.17 - I (hopefully) managed to update the content.
  • 2022.02.17 - Oh dear, the English version still has to be done
  • 02/18/2022 - Now I'm surprised. The Google Translator has made tremendous progress. I used Google Translator to make the translation work faster. The rework and corrections have not yet been completed. But it's a lot less work than expected.
  • 2022.02.21 - I have been using the GreenSteel template for a long time and have now made and documented the changes based on the current version of the template.
  • 2022.02.22 - Tests to store the background image in the style.ini failed. The modifications are now marked with the comment /* GreenSteelWall */ and /* END GreenSteelWall */. The finished version is now on GitLab
  • 2022.02.28 - February is coming to an end and I have updated this wiki with a newly created template based on the Starter Template.
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