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Uncle Hartwig's Dokuwiki

About me

I describe myself as a professional system consultant who covers all facets of the Unix area from planning to implementation. In the meantime I have reached an advanced age (>60) and can therefore look back on many years of experience.

If you want to contact me, you have to solve the riddle of the QR code on this website.

This website was created with Dokuwiki. Since this is my homepage, I do not allow any changes by others at the moment. If someone is interested in working in the HowTos, you can email me.

The German language version is always the current one. if you switch languages ​​it may happen that the content is outdated or not translated yet The English version was created using Google Translate.
One or the other formulation may not correspond 100% to the Germans. I'll try to revise the English version in the near future

My Hardware

Here you will find a description of the hardware and software used as well as various Howto's:

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